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For years, we’ve seen chain link fencing. This is because chain link is known to be economical and durable. Combine that with flexible installation and it has remained the choice of thousands of homeowners for years. The good news is that chain link fences don’t have to be unsightly nor do they only have to be plain chain link.Today, chain link fences can be coated in vinyl. This coating is available in a rainbow of colors including blue, tan, black,and green. There are host of choices to make your chain link fence as unique as your personal style.

One of the major concerns with chain link fence has been privacy. This is no longer the case. Today, we can install Privacy Link for you. The Privacy Link is comprised of 2” PVC slats that we weave into your chain link fence as we install them. This saves you the time and expense of hiring someone to do this job for you later.

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